Interior Design

How To Make Your Home More Cosy

After a long day at work, there is nothing better than going home and putting your feet up in a nice cosy room. Be it your lounge or your bedroom, feeling cosy and warm is both relaxing and helps aid a restful nights sleep.

So let’s talk cosy, the first thing that springs to mind is soft and warm.  Throws, Cushions and rugs are a must-have addition. Faux fur is a great go-to, with faux rabbit fur being a luxurious feeling fabric that is less likely to become matted than the popular faux shaggy fur.  Oversized, soft cushions that you can relax back into, a large thick rug in which to sink your feet into and a warm cosy throw is perfect for both cooler evenings. The clever use of low lighting will give your room a relaxed ambience. With the addition of a scented candle in either lavender or chamomile to finish off a perfect evening.

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