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Keeping Your Home Cool In The Summer

One of the most commonly asked questions from every adult in Britain this month is ‘ How can I keep my house cool?’ The summer months in Britain have been fairly strange, with spurs of hot weather as well as rain. Now the hot weather has come around, we all want to know how to keep our homes cool, so here are our tips!

The easiest way to keep your home cool this summer is to keep your doors and windows open in every room! This helps to create a nice cool breeze blowing through your home. Whilst you may think it will let hot air in, it actually allows the hot air to escape!

Another way to keep your home cool is to invest in a fan or air conditioning unit. These should only be used when you are in the same room to ensure they are safe. You will also only notice the change when you are in the room with it as some will not fully cool down rooms.

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How To Make Your Home More Cosy

After a long day at work, there is nothing better than going home and putting your feet up in a nice cosy room. Be it your lounge or your bedroom, feeling cosy and warm is both relaxing and helps aid a restful nights sleep.

So let’s talk cosy, the first thing that springs to mind is soft and warm.  Throws, Cushions and rugs are a must-have addition. Faux fur is a great go-to, with faux rabbit fur being a luxurious feeling fabric that is less likely to become matted than the popular faux shaggy fur.  Oversized, soft cushions that you can relax back into, a large thick rug in which to sink your feet into and a warm cosy throw is perfect for both cooler evenings. The clever use of low lighting will give your room a relaxed ambience. With the addition of a scented candle in either lavender or chamomile to finish off a perfect evening.

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How Did I Make My Home Baby Ready?

Expecting a little bundle of joy is such an exciting time, but it can also be very daunting for the parents. Getting your home ready, especially for first-time parents, can be a scary process, with you constantly worrying about missing important areas. So, I’m going to share with you my story, about how I got my home ready for the arrival of my little girl.

Every mother to be goes through a period that is commonly known as nesting. This the where she will begin to prepare the home ready for the new arrival, with intense cleaning, sorting and decorating! This generally starts from around 28 weeks when you are in your final trimester of pregnancy.

Now, when I started going through the nesting phase, all I wanted to do was organise. Every day, I would be sat in my daughter’s nursery making sure everything was in its place, organised and ready to use. This is a great way for you to be getting your home ready for your little arrival.

It is likely that you have been waiting for the day to put up your babies sleeping arrangements, with most partners wanting to hold off until the last day. Once you reach your nesting phase it is the perfect time to introduce the new sleeping arrangements to your home. This not only helps you to prepare your home but for you to get used to these new items being around your home.

The final thing I did to get my home ready for my daughter was a full bedroom makeover. Now, this is not necessary, but it helped me feel ready to be a mum. It helped me to feel as if my room had been given a fresh start for the new arrival.

Once you reach 28 weeks, you will begin to get excited. It will seem like everything is just falling into place.

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Should I Purchase Curtains For My Home?

Curtains are a much-loved staple item in homes for many years. But homeowners are now wondering if they really need to purchase curtains for their homes. Today, we are going to discuss with you the benefits and disadvantages of curtains, helping you to decide whether or not you should purchase them for your home.

Benefits of Curtains

As we previously mentioned, curtains have been used for many years, as long as most of us have been alive. This means that they do come with their range of benefits that people must love to keep purchasing them. Some of the benefits include:

  • They come in a range of colours and styles. This means that it is easy to match your home’s interior decor.
  • There is the option to purchase blackout curtains. These are perfect for blocking out unwanted light.
  • Curtains come in different materials and thicknesses. Allowing you the option to choose. The thicker the curtains the more they help with insulation in your home.

Of course, when there are benefits to a product there is also a range of disadvantages. Some of the disadvantages to curtains include:

  • One of the main disadvantages of curtains is the price. If you want the best quality, offering you the most benefits, they will come with a hefty price tag. Whilst it is possible to find cheaper curtains they may not be as beneficial to you.
  • Curtains can be difficult to clean if they were to become stained as most will not fit in your general washing machine.
  • They can either be opened or closed. There is not letting in a small amount of light, it is either it all or nothing.

So, after hearing all about the benefits and disadvantages of curtains, will you be purchasing some for your home?

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Best High Street Shops To Buy Items For Your Home Interior

For some of us, we can’t afford all of the high-end shops. We can’t afford to hire an interior designer to help us with the interior of our homes. That is why we are going to share with you some of the best high street stores to purchase items for your interior.

This store is a well known high street superstore which sells us many products at reduced prices. This store is one place where you can purchase items for the interior of your home at a fraction of the cost. It is important to note that these may not be as good of quality as some of the other options. But this is how they can offer you products for cheaper prices.

This store is slightly more expensive but it is a well-known home store. Bringing you all of your home interior item needs under one roof. With them constantly changing their ranges, following the latest trends, you will be sure to find something you like. This is more pricey but you will gain better quality. But you can always shop in their sales when items are lowered in price, you just may not be able to purchase the entire range.

Supermarkets such as Tesco, Asda, and Aldi are now beginning to sell more home products. You will notice more home items as you are doing your food shopping making it possible for you to buy food and home needs in one place. These are more mid-range in price so more suitable for everyone’s budget. They do however follow their own trends, not necessarily what you will be wanting the buy.

These are our top three high street stores where you can purchase goods for your home from. Where will you shop to upgrade the interior of your home?

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Why Is Interior Design Important?

The interior design of a building, especially your home, is one of the most important aspects. The main reason why interior design is so important is due to the functionality of your home. It helps to ensure that your home will be functional. That rooms are situated in a way that makes sense with how your day to day life will work. But, interior design is not only about the layout of your home, it is also about the decoration choices. This is also important for many more reasons. The way you decorate your home can have a huge impact on your own mental state. For example, in colour choices that are used, duller colours can make your home feel darker, lowering your mood. Whereas brighter colours make your home feel brighter and lift up your mood. There are also colours which will help your home to feel more homely, making you more comfortable and confident in your home. Another aspect of interior design which is important is the room layout. Each room has been created in a way to fit furniture and other aspects of day to day living perfectly. You should always consider the interior design of a room when choosing the layout of your furniture as this can make or break a room. Some will be your room feel larger, whereas others will make your room feel smaller. Taking your time and considering your options will help you to make the most of the room you have been given.

There is so much you can do within your home. There are so many reasons why the interior design of your home is so important. The main thing you need to remember is that it is your home. And your home needs to portray your family in the best way possible.

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Ensuring Your Home Is Baby Ready

The interior design of your home is extremely important when you are pregnant and due to bring a baby home in the near future. Ensuring your home is baby safe and ready for the madness is key. Today, we are going to share with you some tips to ensure your home is baby ready.

One of the most important aspects to consider when ensuring your home is baby ready is places for them to go. You do not want to be carrying around your little one all day as this will prevent you from getting jobs done. One of our favourite items for newborn babies is a baby swing. Allowing them to be safely straped in, rocking to sleep, giving you time to complete jobs.

You should also consider any plug socket outlets. Covering these is key when you have a baby and can be easily forgotten about. With. a newborn is not necessary, however, when they begin moving little fingers will go everywhere.

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Mirrors Are A Must In Your Home

Mirrors aren’t everybody’s cup of tea. However, they are a must in our eyes for every home! The four main reasons why mirrors are a must in your home include:

Space Illusion
Having a mirror in your room, no matter how small or large helps to produce the illusion of space. Meaning your room will appear much larger than what it actually is.

Brighter Room
Having a mirror in your room helps to make your room brighter. This is due to the mirror being able to reflect light all around your room. Helping to spread the light to make the room brighter.

Statement Piece
If you are struggling for a statement piece in your room, mirrors are a great choice. With there being many different styles to choose from, it is easy to find one which will wow your guests.

Your Looks
Having a mirror in your rooms help to keep you looking good. Everybody can’t help but look at themself in the mirror, meaning you will keep yourself looking sharp.

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Easy To Care For House Plants

When considering the interior design of our homes, one aspect which is always considered is house plants. But for some of us, this can be our worst nightmare, with being the most unable to care for any plants. Well, today we are going to share with you some house plants which are so easy to care for, it is near impossible to kill them.

Aloe Vera is one plant which is near impossible to kill, taking limited time to care for. All you need to do is soak it heavily once a week and allow it to dry out. You will water it even less in the winter months. A perfect plant for someone with not a lot of spare time on their hands.

Another plant which will be good for you is Aspidistra elatior, also known as the cast iron plant. This plant thrives off of no maintenance which is why it is perfect for us who are not green-fingered.

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Choosing The Perfect Sofa

The interior design of your home can be extremely difficult, with us all wanting to choose the right design first time around. This can not always be possible with interior design trends constantly changing. Today, we are going to share with you some tips for choosing the perfect sofa for your home.

Firstly, we will always recommend that you take your time. Rushing around will only make you choose a sofa for the sake of it. Taking your time will help you to know which one is perfect for you.

Shopping around will also help you to choose your perfect sofa the first time around. This will help you to look at a range of different styles, shapes and colours. As well as helping you to find the best deal for the style you are after.

Finally, before you shop for any sofa ensure you have taken accurate measurements where you want your sofa situated. This will ensure the sofa will fit in the area. Making sure you do not purchase your perfect sofa, for it to then not fit in your room.